Invest in 5 Blocks- GCASY Tokens [5000]

Invest in 5 Blocks- GCASY Tokens [5000]

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You are purchasing GCASY Crypto-Tokens from GCAS College Dublin, Ltd. You must be 18 years old or older to purchase.

We have a 15 day refund policy. We will refund your purchase within 15 days of purchase upon request here. If you provide us with your public key address for Ethereum, we’ll post your GCASY tokens after the refund period of 15 days unless you waive the refund period. This is because once we issue your GCASY tokens on Ethereum that transaction cannot be undone. To have your GCASY tokens posted immediately on the blockchain just email us @

A digital wallet is a secure way to store, trade and/or sell your digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain such as crypto currency. GCAS College Crypto Committee will keep track of your digital assets for 60 days after purchase after which we will transfer them to your digital wallet. The holder of GCASY will need to procure a digital wallet and inform the Crypto Committee via email of your wallet’s public key [never reveal your private key].  Once we receive your public key, we will post your GCASY on the blockchain here.

There are different service providers for creating and maintaining your digital assets. One service is Metamask but there are other providers, which we encourage you to research. GCAS College doesn’t endorse any one digital asset storage service and choosing a digital provider is entirely the responsibility of GCASY token holders. GCAS College Dublin is not responsible for digital asset service and storage providers.